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Modulation Sciences built a reputation for engineering excellence and user support over its twenty-year history. Founded in 1981, Modulation Sciences earned the industry's recognition as a leader in BTSC stereo, television audio monitoring, FM audio processing and FM subcarrier products.

As a result of the company's strong engineering background and hands-on experience in the industry, Modulation Sciences enters it's twenty first year with a history of steady growth. Prior to founding Modulation Sciences, company CEO Eric Small consulted for many of the major broadcasters in North America. These experiences led to the development of an array of innovative products under the Modulation Sciences brand that provide broadcasters with the solutions they need to enhance their on-air operations.

Initially, Modulation Sciences made inroads with audio processing equipment for the radio industry and helped revolutionize techniques for measuring modulation at FM stations. The company then focused its attention on Multichannel Television Sound (MTS) products and was instrumental in defining North American standards for BTSC stereo broadcasts. As a result of their focus and involvement, Modulation Sciences TV stereo products are the market leaders in the field. Over the years, the company has continued to extend its product line by developing unique products based on subcarrier technology - including Second Audio Program (SAP) channel generators and PRO channel generators and receivers, which are used by leading news organizations around the world for cost-efficient and secure communications.

Modulation Sciences extensive product line presently includes: TV stereo generators, stereo reference decoders, SAP generators, ENG communications systems and video demodulators. Radio and FM subcarrier products include: FM modulation monitor/analyzers, composite processors, CLD series wired STLs, composite line drivers, receivers and distribution amplifiers, audio subcarrier generators, data subcarrier generators, data receivers and data subcarrier receivers.